We’re Planting Pumpkins!

Ever wonder where pumpkins come from? If you guessed from the store; try again! If you guessed that The Great Pumpkin magically places them in the patch; you should try again too. At Summers Farm, we are busy planting pumpkins for you and your family to enjoy this fall.

Every pumpkin starts as a seed. Right now at Summers Farm we are planting our pumpkin seeds in the pumpkin patch. Soon, with help from the sun and the rain, the seeds will sprout. Those sprouts will grow into vines. Flowers and leaves will appear on those vines. Our friends the bees will pollinate the flowers. That is a very important job indeed! We love our bees and the work they do to help our pumpkin crop. We’ll talk more about bees another day.

Oh yes, back to the pumpkins…After the bees do their work, the blossoms will fall off and little tiny pumpkins will begin to grow… What do you think happens next? Are you planting pumpkins in your garden?

… Stay tuned for updates on our pumpkin patch! Don’t forget to check out our pumpkins this fall when they’ve finished growing: If you want to learn more about growing pumpkins, follow these links:

Summers FarmWe’re Planting Pumpkins!

Let’s Get Corny

Why can’t you tell a secret on a farm? Because The potatoes have eyes and the corn has ears!

Why are farmers so cruel? Because they pull corn by the ears!

We’d tell you more farm jokes but you’ve probably herd them all… Ok, ok. Down to business. We’re super excited to be planting our corn this week! Once it grows, these 12 acres will be our corn maze. This year’s maze is a surprise! Don’t ask because we’re not telling! Remember the bit about corn having ears?

You can check out our previous mazes here:

At Summers Farm we grow field corn in our maze. Field corn is not the same as the sweet corn you and your family slather with butter and eat for supper. Field corn is found in toothpaste, chips, yogurt, soda, and chewing gum, just to name a few.

When it’s time to plant the corn, we plant the kernels into the soil. Then with the right amount of sunshine and rain, the corn plants begin to grow. The stalks grow taller and pollination occurs. What is unique about corn, is that it pollinates by wind. The tassels on the top of the corn open up and release pollen that then finds the silk that is lower down on the stalk. After pollination the corn kernels grow on the ears. After the corn dries and the festival is over, we harvest it.

Here is a short video about how corn grows and is harvested:

Want to plant corn at home in your garden? Check out this article in The Old Farmer’s Almanac!

Summers FarmLet’s Get Corny

Have you “herd” the news?

Here on the farm, warm weather and plenty of rain mean that we are excitedly planning for fall. We recently welcomed a Holstein calf, “Suri” into our farm family. She is so fun and sweet. Our JR Farmer Team is really enjoying caring for her. When you visit the farm this fall, be sure to come by to say hello.
Want to learn more about Holsteins? Check out this website:

Summers FarmHave you “herd” the news?

Celebrate at Summers Farm

Do you have something to celebrate this October? Summers Farm would love to help you with that fun-filled festivity. We offer birthday parties in our birthday party barn – we have two party packages for your party enjoyment. Our Barnyard Bash and Super Barnyard Bash both offer a wonderful experiences for your birthday kid. See our website for more details. The main difference between the two packages is that for the Barnyard Bash you can bring your own food, whereas for the Super Barnyard Bash includes tasty farm offerings to take the headache of planning for you.

Parties at the Farm

Our campfires also offer a great celebration gathering spot for you and your family. Each campfire can accommodate 30-50 people and are offered Friday, Saturday and Sundays. The rate of $75 for the campfire does NOT include our adventure admission. That must be purchased separately. We do offer a group rate ($9.95 per person) for groups of 15 or more. All tickets must be purchased in one transaction to qualify for the group rate. Reserve your cracklin’ campfire today for an experience that your friends and family won’t soon forget.

Nights at the Farm

Corn maze, fireworks,  jumping pillow, animal barnyard, apple cider donuts… Summers Farm has something for everyone! We can’t wait to help you celebrate – Summers Farm style!

Summers FarmCelebrate at Summers Farm