Campfire Eclairs!

Looking for a dessert to enjoy by the campfire other than the traditional s’mores?  We have one for you – campfire eclairs!  It’s a simple 3 ingredient recipe – crescent roll dough, vanilla pudding and chocolate frosting.  Reserve one of our campfire sites and give them a try.  Spend the day enjoying our 35+ activities then put on your hoodie and sit back by a crackling’ campfire to share these yummy treats with family and friends.  Sounds like a perfect way to spend a cool, crisp Autumn evening!

Summers FarmCampfire Eclairs!

Pumpkin Makes Everything Better

Autumn is here and it seems that pumpkin everything is here. So why not jump on the pumpkin bandwagon and make some tasty pumpkin treats in your own kitchen. Click here for a list of the best pumpkin recipes, from pumpkin cheesecake bars to pumpkin truffles to pumpkin donuts. So why not whip up a few of these recipes for your family and make your home smell like fall in the process. Also check out our Pinterest for even more pumpkin recipes.

We also have lots of pumpkins to pick from at Summers Farm for both decoration and cooking preparation. So come on out to Summers Farm today, take your free hayride to the pumpkin patch, and pick your perfect pumpkins for cooking and decorating. Happy Fall!

Summers FarmPumpkin Makes Everything Better