Famous Corn Maze in Maryland

Summer’s Farm in Maryland is home to one of the largest corn mazes in the country. 

Each year, we have over 10,000 visitors come to the farm to experience our unique attraction. 

With over 14 acres of maze space to explore, divided into difficulty phases, there’s sure to be fun for the whole family! 

Some visitors stumble upon the right path quickly and make it out in under 30 minutes. Others find themselves wandering for hours. 

Don’t worry about getting lost, we have Scout Patches available that will guide people to come help you!

And if you like a little challenge with your maze navigation, we have several games you can play while exploring the maze: 

Come to Summer’s Farm in Maryland to experience one of the biggest corn mazes around. 

Each year, we design our maze with a theme to create a message or picture only visible from the sky. Among the 2.5 miles of trails we create, we also have hidden two scenic bridges! 

Join us in playing the world’s largest interactive game at Summer’s farm in Maryland. Contact us with questions today!

Summers FarmFamous Corn Maze in Maryland