Explore the Maze

Challenge yourself or get lost with a team of friends and family — it’s the worlds largest interactive game!

We all know the sweet taste of summer corn on the cob. At Summers Farm, we’re offering a sweet time for all ages — 12 acres of pure fun getting lost in rows of tall corn stalks. The maze is divided into phases that will accommodate all age groups. Visitors to the maze at Summers Farm choose the smaller maze for the younger crowd or our super challenging larger maze. This year’s maze theme will be revealed later this summer.

You might be fortunate enough to stumble onto the correct pathway, conquering the corn in less than 30 minutes. Or you might find yourself a bit directionally challenged and take a couple of hours to make your way through the corn puzzle. Regardless, you’ll have a super time in one of the area’s largest mazes with 2.5 miles of paths and two scenic bridges hidden within!

Farm Scene Treasure Hunt

While searching the maze for hidden treasure, each guest carries a scratch card and chooses from multiple slots in each checkpoint where they hope to find treasure! Individual randomized cards with different clues and choice options ensure that no two team members will have the same results. It’s easy and everyone can play!

New for 2017

Follow the paths in our short maze and enjoy this farm friendly adaptation of a timeless fairy tale. Jack’s “a-maize-ing” adventures up and down the cornstalk remind us all of the importance of a good work ethic, keeping promises and being thankful for the people that help us along the way.

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